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Start Your UIUX Journey

12/2/2022 6:30 PM

Husky Union Building (HUB) Room 145

UI/UX is a hot new industry in recent years, but students don’t have a good chance to get to know this field. We invited two UW upperclassmen and two professionals currently working in UI/UX industry to share their thoughts of the field including their related experiences, and answer questions that participants might have regards to this industry.

This event is designed to give students who have no idea about UI/UX but are interested in it a clearer understanding of the field. For students who already have the relevant knowledge background, this event can create more employment possibilities and determine whether UI/UX will be their future direction in the context of your own situation.

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Year 2022 - 2023 TImeline

Oct 7

FNN - Freshmen Networking Night

Yearly event for freshmen to network. Upper-level students will share experience and pathway in business and technologies, to give the new huskies a better picture of their lives at UW.

Nov 22

ACE Your Resume: Resume Workshop

Are you struggling to find jobs and write your resume/cover letter? Do you understand the key components of excellent resumes? Do you want professional advice on how to improve it? Most people finding internships and jobs are having the same questions, and this event can help you with them!

Dec 2

Start Your UIUX Journey:
UI & UX Major and Career Networking

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2023 International BizTech Forum

An annual signature event hosted by TBA.Explore a worldwide topic through the lens of business and tech.


Future Event

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Future Event

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